How is my crypto history and activity being protected?

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With Vessel, enjoy a logged-in experience without having to connect and share your wallet addresses and activity until you would like to complete a transaction.

For user data that Vessel itself is managing, we store non-sensitive data and identifiers in the chrome extension private local storage. Anything sensitive is encrypted at rest by default.

Users should know that it's impossible to completely protect the user's privacy for any transaction history which is on-chain if someone knows both a user's real identity, and their Vessel generated wallet addresses. This is an issue with all cryptocurrency wallets though, and is not unique to Vessel.

Vessel does introduce the concept of a standalone Web3 ID token, which is what sites who are privacy sensitive can use to build a full authentication experience for Vessel users in a way that is privacy preserving and in no way ties back to on-chain wallet addresses.

Site owners who are interested in onboarding directly to vessel privacy preserving native web3 authentication tokens can consume the following SDKs:

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