What are my credentials?

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Credentials are pieces of personal information, such as email address and phone number. Verifying your email or phone number through Vessel confirms that you own the email address or phone number. You’ll be sent a one time passcode via email or phone number to verify ownership of the contact method.

Using verified credentials with Vessel prevents you from having to enter any info on sites, apps, and services ever again. It will also allow you to log in with one click, skipping any tedious account creation or login tasks.

In the case of email and phone number credentials being issued, we do not log these presently since there is no need to de-duplicate email or phone number issuances since it's legal for a Vessel user to have the same verified email and phone number on multiple accounts if they can pass verification checks. Since credential checks are a simple pubkey based offline validation operation, Vessel has no technical requirement to record all issuances of credentials since each credential is atomically verifiable purely offline at any point in time via its cryptographic signature.

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