What makes my Vessel Passport different from other crypto wallets?

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Your non-custodial passport does not require memorizing and storing a seed phrase that is typical with most wallets. Log in and out of your passport with a simple password and PIN!

For Vessel, we wanted to make every effort to get rid of seed phrases, and replace with a login experience that's backed by computationally intensive key-derivation processes in order to protect against cracking. The result is a wallet that's easy to re-constitute the keys for or on any computer in the world using only memorized, familiar auth factors. We pair this password-based approach with a full have-I-been-pwnd integration to help protect users from accidentally creating compromised wallets, and to alert users if their wallet factors later become compromised.

Manage your identity and assets all in one place, no matter what blockchain network or type of site you are on. Vessel gives you the agency to choose what pieces of info you’d like to share in order to enhance your digital experience. 

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